We offer advice in all phases of criminal law, supporting you from the stage of investigation and introduction of the accusation and complaint at a private instance before our Courts, until obtaining the sentence and filing the corresponding appeals, if necessary, either in matters related to the accusation or in his defense, mainly oriented towards the prevention and defense of crimes of an economic nature. We focus our assistance with the objective of developing mechanisms that are based on the guaranteeing precepts of classic criminal law, as well as seeking the protection of legal assets in a specialized way for criminal and prevention regulatory compliance.

Among our specialties are:

  • Crimes against people in specific criminal proceedings, such as violation of the check law
  • Crimes against property and patrimony
  • Corporate crimes (fraud, breach of trust, defamation and injury, among others)
  • Computer crimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Crimes against privacy and image
  • Preceding or predicate offenses, especially tax offenses in the case of money laundering
  • Money laundering offenses
  • Defense of legal persons in criminal proceedings of all kinds