Legal Project Management & Legal Process Improvement

The Firm uses the Legal Project Management tools for the contracting of services, including the preparation of proposals and budgets for the Client, as well as the planning and administration of the cases that are entrusted to us.

For us, the creation of trust and communication constitute a great asset and generator of added value, which is why the entire team tries to keep the channels of information and transparency open with the client, incorporating in all our processes the active collaboration of all the personnel that need to be involved in a case, systematic planning, proactive monitoring and performance metrics.

In short, the implementation of LPM seeks to increase the efficiency of the Firm from the operational perspective, which also translates into cost reduction and process clarity for the Client.



To offer you the required assistance, the Firm puts at your disposal various contracting structures based on the LPM system, for which purpose:

• We develop personalized and structured service proposals under the modalities of Hourly rate, Fixed fee, Success Fee, Fixed fee with cap, monthly equalization and others that are adjusted according to the client’s needs and budget.

• We project and develop cost and fee estimates for the client based on a scope of work to be hired.

• We evaluate rate structures and schemes to determine the best convenience for the Client.



• Based on the Firm’s historical experience, we analyze scenarios in contrast to the Client’s case and structure the proposal with the action plan.

• We define the scope of the works, determining the phases and tasks in contrast to the resources to be used for their execution, according to their complexity, and attending to the projection of times to complete the case.



• We structure each case in a timely manner using resources such as timeline, outline, RACI matrix of responsibilities for the execution of tasks, risk management matrix, stakeholder matrix, work breakdown structures (WBS) and project Budget, for definition, monitoring and management control around the