Competition and Consumer Law

We guide you in the application of competitive practices to successfully meet the goals of your business, as well as in the protection of the rights of your clients, respecting both Law No. 42-08 on Defense of Competition, as well as the Law No. 385-05 on Consumer Protection and its complementary regulations. For the said purposes, we carry out consultancies tailored to your needs, representing you before the corresponding institutions for the registration of adhesion contracts, initiation of lawsuits or defense against potential infringement of the local legislation.

Our specialties are:

  • Council under Law No. 42-08 on the Defense of Competition, as well as under General Law No. 385-05 on Consumer or User Protection and complementary regulations
  • Drafting and review of non-competition agreements
  • Preparation, review, and registration of adhesion contracts before ProConsumidor and ProUsuario
  • Registration of contests according to provisions of the consumer Law
  • Administrative procedures before the National Commission for the Defense of Competition
  • Representation in administrative resources:
    Hierarchical resources on the matter before ProConsumidor and the ProCompetencia Board of Directors
    Appeals for reconsideration before ProConsumidor and the ProCompetencia Board of Directors
  • Representation in jurisdictional and extrajudicial resources:
    Contentious-administrative appeals before the competent court
    Civil lawsuits on unfair competition
    Precautionary measures
    Extrajudicial actions on unfair competition
  • Management of labeling approval before Pro-Consumidor and the Dominican Institute for Quality (INDOCAL) for the commercialization of products