Foreign Investment and International Trade

We prioritize your interests to advise you during your arrival in Dominican jurisdiction, as well as in your international procurement operations, in use of the legal tools contemplated in the Dominican legal order. We guide you to efficient your investments by guaranteeing your rights as an investor, agent, representative, commissioner, distributor, or concessionaire. By this virtue, we accompany you in the realization of your
investment in our country, as well as in matters related to international trade, being the case of free trade agreements.

Our specialties are:

  • Foreign investment advice
  • Structuring operations to take advantage of foreign investment incentives.
  • Registration of concessions as agent, representative, commissioner, distributor, concessionaire, whether exclusive or not, under distribution, franchise, or concession contracts, pursuant to Law No. 173 on the Protection of Agents Importing Goods and Products
  • Negotiation of concession contracts
  • Register of foreign investment and reinvestments under Foreign Investment Law No. 16-95
  • Consultations on free trade agreements, their implementation and the resources to achieve their implementation by the relevant Dominican authorities
  • International merchandise sales contracts