Our ESG policy

As part of the comprehensive services offered by the Firm, we support initiatives that create value, and for this purpose we advise our clients in their adaptation and update processes in accordance with ESG criteria with the aim of improving the services they provide through use more efficient and responsible of its resources.

Based on the Sustainable Development Goals, our goal is to generate trust and project our clients’ businesses, I understand that they will be able to adapt more quickly and easily to changes and new regulations related to sustainability that will govern the new economy worldwide. national and global.

Our services

1. Environmental.
We design preventive mechanisms on actions that may lead to a breach in terms of sustainability and,
where appropriate, we advise on possible disputes arising from non-compliance with environmental regulations,

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

3. Corporate Governance
We advise on the preparation of an appropriate Corporate Governance structure and the implementation of Compliance Programs and Codes of Conduct.