Immigration and Consular

Our immigration department provides services focused on advising foreigners who wish to reside in the Dominican Republic, either temporarily or permanently, for work, investment, family, retirement, pension, studies, among others; through the acquisition of visas, depending on the intention of the foreigner, as well as his Dominican residence and even, obtaining the Dominican nationality, in compliance with immigration laws.

Our specialties are:

  • Obtention and renovation of visa:
    Simple Business Visa
    Multiple Business Visa
    Business Visa for Labor Purposes NM1 or work
    Family Dependency Visa
    Student Visa
    Tourist Visa
    Residence visa for family reunification
    Residence visa for investment
    Residence visa for rentier
    Residence visa for pensioner or retirement
    Residence visa for religious purpose
  • Obtention of certifications:
    Migratory movements
    For loss of foreign residence
    For loss of expired passport
    For citizenship purposes to family member
    For the purposes of evidence of studies, judicial and customs
    Naturalization by way of parents
    Naturalization by marriage
    Ordinary naturalization
  • Obtention of permits:
    Departure of minors
    Temporary worker permit
    Permits for study purposes

Consultation considering Law No. 171-07 on Special Incentives for Pensioners and Foreign-Source Rentiers and General Law No. 85-04 on Migration