Contract Law

We represent your interests drafting contracts that ensure that the obligations assumed in a civil or commercial contract are balanced safeguarding its effective development. For this purpose, our services remain attentive to the forefront and anticipating your needs to guarantee that they are according to the current legal framework, as well as to the jurisprudential interpretations that may affect the execution of said agreement. Likewise, we represent you from the beginning accompanying you in the negotiations and developing agreements with sophisticated structures such as franchises, technology transfer, financial leasing agreements, or simple contracts but with relevant implications for your assets, being the status of real estate and leasing contracts to mention just a few.

Our specialties are:

  • Representation in negotiations
  • Drafting and review of civil and commercial contracts:
    Leasing of homes, commercial establishments, land, hotel and tourist projects, other establishments
    Buying and selling of real estate and personal property
    Conditional sale
    Conditional sale
    International sale of merchandise
    Loan, mutual and bailment contracts
    Financing agreements, debt restructuring, compensation
    Supply contracts
    Distribution, agency, representation, sub-distribution, goods, and services contracts
    Leasing contracts
    Construction contracts
    Real and personal guarantee contracts
    Mediation and management contracts
    Mandate agreements
    Transport contracts
    Insurance and surety contracts
    Partnership contracts
    Swap contracts
    Technology transfer contracts
    Industrial property rights licensing contracts
    Goodwill exploitation agreements
  • Issuance of legal opinions regarding a current agreement