The client is an international hotel chain that has multiple projects in the Dominican Republic, as well as in 14 other destinations, totaling 49 hotels worldwide. During the operation of its hotels, required the contracting of basic services, as is the case with energy.

Under this virtue, and in the event of a conflict with the energy company, Alburquerque assisted the customer in bringing an administrative dispute, on a decision issued by an essential service provider, after exhausting all available administrative headquarters resources. The counterparty intended to charge the customer amounts, even if they had disconnected it from the power supply. Similarly, Alburquerque represented the Client before PROTECOM and the Superintendency of Electricity on the previous administrative remedies, before appearing before the Administrative Superior Court, with the Administrative Litigation Appeal in question and Subsequent Appeal.


As a result of this action, the customer will not have to pay the sum of USD$203,000.00 that was intended to be charged by the energy company, even though the service had not been provided.

We are also pursuing USD$11,845,600.2 as indemnity payment for damages, according to Law.


Licdo. José M. Alburquerque Prieto, Managing Partner
Licda. Gina A. Hernández, Corporate Business Partner
Licda. Stephanie Been Martínez, Corporate Business Senior Associate
Licdo. Derick Hernández Grau, Corporate Business Senior Associate