Economic Criminal Law


Alburquerque assisted the client in the whole extrajudicial process regarding the protest and its verification of a check in the filing of a formal Criminal Complaint with the constitution of a civil plaintiff against the individuals and legal entities issuing checks without the due provision of funds, as provided in Article 66 “a” of the General Law of Checks No. 2859, modified by Law No. 62-2000, until obtaining a ruling that finally demonstrated their guilt with the celebration of a new trial, which would cause significant criminal consequences to the detriment of the defendants.


As a result of the assistance and consultancy provided by our firm, we were able to sign a settlement agreement and a waiver of criminal actions, and the payment oppositions and real estate registrations blocked by our client were lifted, which resulted in the client’s benefit as the debt was settled, including interest and important indemnities in their favor.


Esq. José Milcíades Alburquerque Carbuccia, Founding Partner
Esq. Laura D. Polanco Coste, Dispute Resolution Partner